High-Volume Content Assembly and Web to Print-On-Demand solutions

One of our customers was asking about High-Volume Content Assembly and Web to Print-On-Demand solutions available from Microsoft.  This is an interesting area, and not one where people would instinctively look for Microsoft for an answer.  Nevertheless – we were able to come up with an impressive compilation of resources:

SharePoint On-Premise Solutions

· International direct marketing agency consolidates digital assets into a collateral production system for PDF and HTML delivery:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002839

· Independence Blue Cross uses MOSS to publish 5 million policy booklets to targeted audiences:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002203

· St. Jude Medical provides information to physicians and patients online and on demand:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002373

· WorkflowOne uses MOSS to help employees find information across documents and data silos: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000000477

· TV Guide Online uses MOSS metadata and search capabilities to deliver a superior content guide:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000000149

· HiSoftware and Microsoft partner to help SharePoint-based Web sites that meet accessibility standards:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000001932

· StatoilHydro uses MOSS to deliver external website that experienced 200K visitors on day-one:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000001948

We also have a partner who specializes in this area: Xinnovation  We have been working with their team for years to build out their next-generation solution on SharePoint and Office 2007.

Check out below:

15 September 2008 Xinnovation Releases XiDocs 4.0

As a matter of fact – they also won a very prestigious award as a result of their work with Fidelity Investments: 

10 October 2008 Fidelity Wins Innovator of the Year with Xinnovation Document Automation