Update on the Intelligent Content Framework

We are continuing to make good progress with ICF.  We have recently talked to many of the leading Life Sciences companies, and there is general consensus that there is a great need for Structured Content Authoring (SCA) approaches.  Many companies have been already been burned by failed implementation of SCA technologies, and are only slowly willing to dip their toes in the water again.  I remain convinced that ICF will bring a much-needed breakthrough.

There is also great progress on the OASIS front.  A DITA Pharmaceutical Content Subcommittee has been formed and there is great interest in developing a pharma-specific standard that can be used for SCA.  More and more participants from Big Pharma are signing up, and momentum is building.  I think there is also good potential to liaise with some of the work going on within DIA and within HL7.

I am extremely excited that I have been invited as a Keynote Speaker to the Intelligent Content 2010 Conference.  It is a real privilege and honor to be listed on the same page as a luminary such as Bob Glushko.  His book on Document Engineering contributed greatly to refining my thinking about Intelligent Content.

Exciting times ahead – there is a desperate need for new approaches to ECM in Regulated Industries, and I believe ICF will deliver what is needed.