Update on the Intelligent Content 2010 Conference

I recently returned from the Intelligent Content 2010 Conference.  It was the most insightful and useful conference on Content Management that I ever attended.  I had the privilege to be invited as the Keynote speaker on Day 1 by Ann Rockley, who I regard as one of the thought leaders in this area.  It was a real honor to be speaking along the likes of luminaries such as Bob Glushko.  I have posted my presentation here.  Many thanks again to Ann and Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler, who helped me with reviewing the deck to make sure it is high level and product focused.  Scott also posted an interview with me here.

I found it absolutely fascinating that many on the audience were Twittering away during the presentations, and adding ‘Twitterables’ or ‘Notable Quotables’.  Social Media in action, and applied to business scenarios.

As far as the conference is concerned, every single presentation was great!  I was often torn which session to attend, between the two tracks.  The organizers did an absolutely fabulous job with selecting the content and the speakers.  I learnt from every one of them.  Given my specific interests related to Content Management, the presentations by Joe Gollner, Noz Urbina and Paul Wlodarczyk resonated most.  I was also absolutely fascinated by the presentation and demo given by Natasja Paulssen and Arjan van Rooijen of Quatron.  I have many ideas on how their work can be applicable to some of the work I am doing with customers, and how some of the latest technology coming out of Microsoft Research could be tied into their solutions.  Very exciting stuff!  And finally, how could a conference on Intelligent Content be complete without a thundering and fascinating closing session by Mr. Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler!  It is hard to describe what Scott does, without having witnessed him in action – but the man is really amazing, and a true techno-visionary.  And he is extremely entertaining!

Once again, thank you Ann, Scott and all the members of the Rockley Group for a superb job with the event, and I hope to be able to return next year to learn more, and to give the audience an update on where we are with the Intelligent Content Framework.  

Update 4/29/10: Someone just sent me a link to a nice Blog post from Glenn Emerson here: http://www.gemersonconsulting.com/?p=132


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